TIFLA Education was founded with the goal of bringing to the community our training and coaching programs incorporating our signature NLP-inspired Knowledge, Skills, and positive Attitude. Our ultimate aim is to help individuals, businesses and organizations achieve success, happiness and sustainable development. TIFLA is a multinational educational organization, headquartered in the US, Thailand, and the Philippines. Hundreds of thousands of people have learned how to live healthier, richer, and more meaningful lives through coaching, training, and other products and services. We have aided in the growth and development of numerous businesses. We believe that individuals and organizations can maximize their potential in order to accomplish things greater than themselves.

Through individual training programs and camps, TIFLA Education specializes in providing solutions to health, relationship, financial, career, and leadership issues.

TIFLA tailors training courses for businesses, in particular, to their specific needs and stages of development. TIFLA helps businesses solve their problems on the basis of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).


Mr. Nicks Tran understands that each individual is a unique creature endowed with all the resources necessary to live a successful life. However, for a variety of reasons, the majority of people lose their inner strength. So many succumbed to a life of helplessness dubbed "fate." However, the truth is that each individual is responsible for their own destiny. Take the courage necessary to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and reawaken your inner strength in order to live a worthwhile life. Nobody is unworthy, untalented, or unlucky to the extent that they can not be wealthy and happy. The world is populated by individuals who have not realized their full potential.

Individuals are perpetually on the lookout for the secret formula to wealth and happiness. However, the majority are unaware of their own power. THE ABILITY TO THINK DETERMINES A PERSON'S LIFE. When the mind is liberated, the inherent power is released.

Mr. Nicks Tran and TIFLA deliver the correct and positive THINKING to each individual, business, and organization on their journey to the mission. Mr. Nicks Tran emphasizes that while helping one person may not change the world, it may change the world for that one person.

Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for that one person"

Mr. Nicks Tran • Translator, Author, International NLP Trainer 



Assisting individuals and businesses in achieving long-term success and happiness through the use of training and coaching programs.


To become Asia's leading educational institution in the field of unlocking human potential.


TIFLA's activities are always centered on the customer's trust. Integrity is central to our services to Customers and Learners, with commitment-focused and result-oriented activities.

Leadership is critical in every human being's education. Self-leadership, as well as assisting others in achieving their peak performance. TIFLA's team is focused on Attitude in Service, which requires 100% enthusiasm to provide the best experience possible for each learner and customer.

We exemplify the leaders pioneering spirit. We assist individuals and businesses in establishing themselves as industry leaders.



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Develops human potential, change the mindset and putting Vietnamese people on a high pedestal.

Focuses on exclusive offline and online training activities for Vietnamese people.